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3,750 AED 

375 AED Per Hour

This package is designed for those who are already playing golf and need to make improvements which will have a major impact to their ball striking.

Students who follow this program will gain yardage, improve their ball striking and trajectory.  These three variables are key to improving the greens in regulation and therefore a significant improvement to their scores.  This program will be aimed at improving iron play both full swing and pitching. 

This will give the best opportunities for hitting greens and increasing birdie chances on par 5s holes. 

The program will outline the following stages of the swing across the 10 Lesson plan


  • Lesson 1: Set Up, Grip & Ball Position

  • Lesson 2: Take Away

  • Lesson 3: Half Way Back

  • Lesson 4: Wrist Set and Hinge

  • Lesson 5: Top of the Back Swing

  • Lesson 6: Transition 

  • Lesson 7: Impact

  • Lesson 8: Extension

  • Lesson 9: Finish

  • Lesson 10: Pitching, Tempo & Rhythm

Lessons are 1 on 1 

The objective of this program is to solidify and gain proficiency in the entire swing.  As pitching is a critical component for par 5s and missed par 4 greens.  Pitching and Tempo will be a finishing component of the program.  This pitching lesson will also improve the impact conditions. 


We prefer that individuals in this program come 2 times per week.  We will cover the lesson objective by first introducing the new step. We will then spend the lesson getting comfortable with that movement and then introduce that movement into the rest of the swing. 

2 Times per week lessons have been shown to have a major impact on the progression of the student as well as the on course results. 


This package has been designed to be complete across a 5-7 Week Period based upon 2 lessons per week across a 5 week program duration.



Additional practice time can be purchased at 75AED/hour if the student would like to come and practice in between lessons. 

Discounted rates on playing golf on the simulator

Discounted rates on golf accessories (10%) 

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