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Learning a New Skill as a Family is One of the Most Rewarding Experiences. 

Learning a Unique And Challenging Skill Together in a fun environment is not your typical traditional family outing.  Our Program is designed to keep your kids engaged via fun family competitions:

Kids Versus Parents & Parent Versus Parent Skills Challenges throughout the Lessons are a great way to make the Lessons Interesting whilst keeping the Motivation. 

There is really nothing like competing against each other with the loser having to do the dishes or make the family bed for a day!  

We started these programs unofficially last year and now have many families asking to begin all together. 

The Program is for 10 Classes which will teach the entire Golf Swing + 2 Short Game Modules.  Each Class with add a new step in a structured and organized manner with a competition at the end of each class. 

The program is designed to deliver the additional non-golf related benefits:

  1. Foster Cohesion between Family Members

  2. Engage in Confidence Building for Kids

  3. Keep the Idea of Golf as a Fun Yet Challenging Sport at the Forefront

  4. Build Friendly and Healthy Competition Amongst Family Members

  5. Learn how to Lose and Overcome in Competitions

  6. Provide an Activity which can be Played by Family Members with or against each other regardless of Age or Ability

  7. Enhance Balance & Physical Wellness Outdoors

  8. Enhance Goal Seeking Behaviors

To Discuss the Family Program with Us Just Click the Button Below

If this program sounds like something that you would love to start right away, please click the below button to purchase the program and we will call you straight back to get your first lesson in the books.  

All Equipment is Provided by Performance Golf and is available in both right & left handed clubs

Family Lessons will take place at either Al Ghazal Driving Range or

Performance Golf Indoor Facility at Zayed Sports City

Rates are non refundable 

Cancellations of lessons within 24 hours of the lesson time will forfeit the lesson. 

Additional Lessons can be Booked at 75AED per Person Above and Atop the Program if Desired

Sales are final

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