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This package is a fundamental shift in the way golf improvement services are delivered.  This program involves both us and your and helps you achieve your goals without having to worry about how many lessons it will take to acheive that goal.


For the pricing of this program, we first invite you to our facility to do an initial swing assessment.  This means we will benchmark your golf swing by making you hit iron shots for a 30 minute period.  From that data, we will compute your averages and look at the numeric values that need to be fixed in order to achieve the goal. 


From this baseline we will be able to affix a time period that is reasonable to achieve those goals.  We will then outline a program that we will undertake the achieve this goal.  The goal will have a time period, but that time period may be shortened or extended based upon your progress. 


Students can take as many lessons as need be to achieve this goal.  That way you are not financially penalized in the achievement of that goal, and the pricing portion will be appropriate for the achievement of the goal and not by lesson number. 


The objective here is to ensure we are with you throughout the entire process.  A detailed 1 on 1 gameplan will be provided to you at the beginning of the program. 


You come as much as you want, and we provide you with unlimited support to achieve your goal.  This is not lesson based, it is outcome based for one fixed fee.


This package duration can be complete based upon our assessment of your game and overall goals.



Additional practice time is included within this package and you may be required to come for practice sessions to increase the volume required to achieve the goal at hand.

Discounted rates on playing golf on the simulator

Discounted rates on golf accessories (10%) 


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