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This Summer get out of the heat and come and enjoy one of our Summer Leagues.  The summer League allows individuals to compete on a new course each week, at their own pace or with a group of friends.  We have both options available, if you want to play alone or if you would like to be joined together with another golfer to have a go on the course, please just let us know in the sign up notes below.  Each week we will be playing a new course and the winner at the end of the league for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will walk away with some solid golf prizes.  

Don't suffer outside trying to squeeze in enough rounds during the blistering Middle Eastern Sun, come join one of our relaxed and fun leagues. League Details are listed below:  


  • 850 AED per Golfer - Price is for 1 game per week across 4 weeks 

  • 2650 AED per Golfer for Entire Summer League (June to September)

  • Payment is Upfront Once

  • Payment is Non-Refundable

  • Prizes for the Winner Each Month

  • Lowest Cumulative Score After Handicap Has Been Applied

Golf Players


  • Each player can book either a single round or a round with 1 other player.

  • Please allocate 1 hour per person to finish the round.  For example, if there are 2 individuals, then the round normally takes 2 hours to finish 18 holes. 

  • Only clean clubs, balls and golf shoes or trainers can be worn

  • No Mulligans are allowed

  • Players Should play from the Rough when designated and the Sand when Designated

  • Any unregistered shots will not be counted

  • Shots which have a misread or a strange anomoly will warrant the use of the mulligan button but will be decided only by Performance Golf Staff Member(s)

  • Each player will be allocated 5 minutes warm up time which will include range time as well as some practice putting on the putting module, which is to familiarize each golfer with the correct pace and feel of the putting and the simulator

  • If a round is missed that week, it can be made up the week after.

  • If a golfer is known to be leaving in the upcoming future, the golfer can pre-play the round of golf in order to ensure they keep their standings in the league

  • There will be a matchplay playoff in the last week for the top 4 golfers who will all play at the same time

  • The winners of each month's league will be provided with a winning prize

  • Prize sizes depend upon the total size of the league and the number of participants.

  • The more people that join, the larger the prizes shall be (Please tell you friends to join in the fun).

  • Any ruling not listed here shall be decided upon the day and time of rule in question by Performance Golf Staff at that time.  Performance Golf rulings are final and non-negotiable

  • Having fun is an absolute must




  • Upon Registering You will be Sent a Payment Link to Complete Payment

  • Upon Payment, you will be Contacted by a Performance Golf Member to Book in your Round Time

  • Each Week a New Course is Selected for the Competition to be Played by Each Player

  • Each Round will be 18 Holes

  • Handicaps are Enable and Entered into the System.  Performance Golf Staff will Agree & Determine Playing Handicap for the League at the beginning of the round for each player

  • Estimated Time to Complete the Round is 1.5 Hours per Golfer

  • All rounds can be played any day or time between 9am - 11pm any day of the Week

  • Players will have the opportunity to play in the Closest to the pin contest each week. Winnings will be paid out by the following week

  • Each person or group must book a simulator 7 days in advance for the round, or book directly online with the appropriate amount of time required for yourself or your group. If you would like to schedule a specific day and time each week for yourself or your group, please confirm the day and time you would like book regularly.

  • Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your round. If we do not receive 48 hours notice, your scheduled round will either be forfeited for that week or you will have the opportunity to make up your round at full simulator hourly rate.

  • For example: if you have 3 people in your group login here and book 3 hours to allow enough time to play your round, Monday - Thursday. Alternatively, simply call in with the names of players and times required

  • Players are allotted 1 hour per person to play their round. Anyone exceeding the time may be subject to additional charges, if the room is available (at the regular hourly rental costs). If you wish to practice prior to your round, please book online accordingly. It generally takes 1 hour per person to complete a round, including a quick 5 minute warm-up.

  • Each player will be assessed a handicap after the 3rd week if one is not provided, and we will continue to adjust it each week. Players will play from their appropriate tee location based on their handicap and age.

  • All weeks stableford scores will be posted above. Standings will be posted by Monday following the close of the week played. The first 2 weeks will be used to get each golfers indoor handicap and will not be used in the points standings. From week 3-10 points standings will be posted weekly.

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