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Performance Golf Blog Log - Not Just Some Boring Rambling

On a journey to continue to grow my business, in a golf industry which has been fraught with quick fixes, gimmicks, or having commission rule the lessons, I have taken the advice of my web hosting service and SEO guru and decided to make a blog for the members of my website.

The purpose of this is to increase my exposure and ratings on google for those who are unaware of my business and services, and at the same time provide some real useable content for my members and those that want to sign up on the website. After all, what else are they signing up for if not to get some access to something to which the regular masses have access?

In saying so, I will use this blog to do 2 things:

The primary use will be as an education tool to show you how common swing errors are fixed and what can be done about them.

The second will be to outline business updates and to poll my existing members and students on the direction of the business.

This is very important to the long term health of a company where the customers will always dictate the movement of the market and outline their needs to you as the service provider.

Furthermore, during these hard times, I may add some tidbits about being an entrepreneur as the world works itself more toward people making money for themselves and not relying so heavily on large businesses to decide their fate. I have gained some painful and valuable insights across the last 6 years of operating a business and I'd like to help you with some of my ideas.


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