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It’s getting super-hot, or if you are in other parts of the world during the winter months, it’s getting super cold. Golf, unfortunately, is weather dependant.  There is a seasonality to the game, but there doesn’t have to be a seasonality to your golf skills.


We’ve put this little book of fun games and indoor office/home challenges that can be done with a putter or a wedge.  For the chip shots, we suggest you grab some soft Styrofoam indoor golf balls for practicing.  Your lamps, your mirrors, and your gypsum walls will thank us later.  Of course, everyone will miss, and so we don’t want to warn you of any potential damage caused by a golf ball being used indoors.  


So, here is a list of indoor drills that if done properly will shave strokes from your game by the time the weather accepts you onto the course again! Let us dig into the plan!

Indoor Short Game Practice Guide

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