Customer Referral Program

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Our Golf Training Programs rely on both student and coach committment to improvement.  We thank you so much for doing your part and we would hope that you would consider that we have helped as much as we can to improve your Performance. 

We also know that nearly all of our new business comes from referrals and so we are setting up a referral program so that you can easily refer your friends, family or colleagues who you think would benefit from coming into see us at one of our facilities. 

Our Referral Benefits to You for your Help:

  • Each Referral will award the referee with a Free 1 HR Golf Lesson 

  • Alternatively, each referral can opt to get a 50 USD gift card which they can also give to someone else.  

  • If you refer someone who signs up to a 3 month or More Program, then you will receive 1 week of additional golf lessons or play time within our facility or a 100 USD Gift Card.