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We are the only facility in the region that provides a before and after view of your swing as well as the performance Data. 

We work diligently on your swing through our structured golf program.  This has been a proven and predictable approach, which flies in direct opposition to the traditional bandage approach which you will find with traditional lessons. We are confident you will not get the same results from the traditional method as they do not employ the same technology or learning process.  They are simply guessing, which is not good for your game and not what we see in the professional world.  No one guesses, everything is measured and applied. 

We stand by our capabilities and truely see 30+ yards in distance gains, reductions in injuries and overall enjoyment of the game.  We have been doing this for 8+ years and have hundred of satisfied customers. 

Have a look at our reviews sections and watch the videos below to see the changes we've put in place. 

Student Before & After Videos

Student Before & After Videos

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The use of technology is now inherent across all levels of the game.  It is a necessary to be able to improve in this often difficult and frustrating game.  Constant feedback and video analysis allows both student and teacher to clearly see where the error of the swing is happening and work toward fixing that straight away. 

Our 8 step methodology is based upon the key teaching of Jim Mclean and uses his inbuilt 8 step swing analysis software which indicates clearly where the error is being made.  Our Coaches will then facilitate that change and show you both the video and numerical results.  This is a powerful way to make improvements to your game.

This video shows the impact of having constant feedback through the use of technology.

Each shot taken on the range function of the simulator, will show all key data which can be used in conjunction with our training programs to make real changes. There is no guess work here, only changes in numbers shown instantly.

External lessons can often only produce guesswork at increases of distance or movement of the club through the ball. 

Don't guess, get measurements. 

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