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PG Indoor Golf Sim image high resolution

Our HD Golf Simulator is like no other in the Region.  The simulator comes complete with an inbuilt golf school and swing analysis software. 

We use this software to take you through 8 effective steps.  This is the best way to improve your golf.

Traditional lessons use a patchwork system, which decreases the mind's ability to absorb and keep the newly learned skill.  This method is BETTER - DIFFERENT - FASTER

swing analysis hd golf 03.jpg

Most people are visual learners. Being able to see what you are doing in comparison to the overlay of the perfect swing makes learning easy and not subjective. 

We can easily show you where we need to improve and then we can show you how you have improved. 

Traditional lessons do not follow method nor do they allow you to see your improvement versus any benchmark.  You really have no way of telling if you have improved or not.  Having this visual technology is allows FASTER improvements for our customers. 

performance golf indoor high resolution

The hitting area of the simulator is padded so you don't hurt your wrists.  This padded turf is simulated as per the fairway and allows the golfer to strike down and through the golf ball as you would on the real grass.

There is no cheating here, if you mis hit it you will know as the ball will react the same as outdoors on real grass.

This also makes our club fitting capabilities better than any other in the market. 

indoor golf simulator.jpg

The beauty of golf is seeing high far flying ball flight.  All other golf simulators in the market have moving pictures, which removes this pleasure from the experience.  We do not.

Each shot has accurate and very sensitive ball flight which happens instantly.  It's like hitting pro tracer shots you see on TV, which gives the same satisfying feeling when you execute a golf shot properly.


capto high resolution putting details 02

The Capto putting systems shows your stroke in 3D motion and in real time.  You can see what happens to the movement of the club, your body, and the putter head instantly. 

This visual instant learning tool allows you to understand all variables as they relate to each other easily and in a visual manner.  

The 3D Motion allows for a face on view, side view, rear view, and real world view as if you were making the stroke.

capto high resolution putting

Capto measures all important aspects required to be a good putter including ball data interpretations. Proper aspects show in green. 

Capto measures the following variables in each shot:

  1. Face At Impact

  2. Shaft Lean

  3. Lie Angle/Lie Angle Changes

  4. Angles

  5. Track (Path)

  6. Arc (Angle of Attack)

  7. Angles to Path/Arc

  8. 3D Motion

  9. Launch

  10. Energy Loss

  11. Sweet Spot Rotation

  12. Putter Rail

  13. Handling & Trembling (Yips)

  14. Acceleration/Speed

  15. Tempo

capto high resolution putting details 04

From the 15 total measurements the Capto system breaks down each individual section into extreme detail.  Each section which is generating a problem can then be analysed and fixed step by step.

The graphics can move through the action of the putt to allow us to see where the problem begins in the swing itself.

This powerful and detailed analysis makes corrections BETTER - DIFFERENT - FASTER

capto high resolution putting details 03

The difference between good golfers and elite golfers in all forms of golf play is putting. 

Having a benchmark is key to understanding how far away your stroke mechanics are away from a professional.  The Capto system outlines your stroke averages compared to the Capto numbers taken from professional golfers.  

You will not find this baseline data set anywhere in the market or on other devices. 

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