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This isn't your Usual Boring Corporate Team Building Program 

The objective of this Training Program is to give corporate teams the skills necessary to begin to form their own in office golfing groups. 

Most people want to play golf but face some massive barriers to entry:


1) Cost of Equipment

2) Cost of Clothing, Shoes & Gloves

3) Not Knowing Anyone to Play golf With

4) Nervousness in Playing with Random Strangers from a Golf Course

5) Lack of Knowledge of the Game 

Our corpore programs alleviate all of the above barriers

Last year we Ran 5 Successful Corporate Golf Training Programs for Groups as large as 15.  These groups came and learned golf in a step by step process together.  Each week they would gather at the same time and have a group lesson.

Each Week of the Program Added 1 of the 8 critical steps of the full golf swing and prepared those interested to move onto the golf course. 

The Program Follows the Below Progression:

  1. Set Up, Grip & Aim

  2. 50% of the Backswing (Half Swings)

  3. Lower Body Movement 

  4. Sequencing and Mixing Lower & Upper Body Movements

  5. Impact & Wrist Work

  6. Extension

  7. Finish

  8. Tempo & Rhythm

  9. Short Game (Chipping & Putting)

  10. Driver Lesson

Call us Below to Discuss Your Corporate Idea

COST: 120 AED Per Person Per Class

Group Classes are Normally 4 to 6 People

For Groups of More than 6 Individuals, Multiple Days are Offered

The Cost is 120 AED per Person excluding Golf Balls used on the Driving Range

Rates are Due in 2 Payments (First 5 Lessons Payment).  At the end of the 5th Lesson the Next 5 Lesson Payment is Due

Scheduling Changes Can Be Accommodated Within Reason

Location for Group Lessons to Be Held at Al Ghazal Golf Course

All Equipment is Provided by Performance Golf and is available in both right & left handed clubs

Rates are non refundable 

Cancellations of lessons within 24 hours of the lesson time will forfeit the lesson. 

Additional Lessons can be Booked at 75AED per Person Above and Atop the Program if Desired

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